Thursday, January 19, 2006

IH Portugal Training Day - Coimbra, Jan 28, 2006 - BLOGS, The Session!

Hi! and welcome to an introduction to blogging in the EFL classroom...

This may well be your first time on a blog... so, er.... well...
this IS a blog...
Before I say any more about blogging, I'd like to give you the chance to experience a blog first hand. So, could you please:

  1. Read the following text:
    From the moment you read this you can consider yourself a Blogger - but don't go too bloggers about it - you have been blogged, covered in thick blog and are now all bloggy! But don't worry, blog cleans off nice and easy... with the right soap!
    How many parts of speech can you form from the word 'blog' - don't forget: if it's at all bloggable, 'blog it'!

    Honestly though, I give you my solemn promise Blogging will not make you seriously ill...

  2. Write down your first impressions about blogging. These could be based on your initial reaction to what you've heard this morning already, a question you'd like to ask, your ideas on blogging before today, what you expect from the rest of the session - have a quick look up and down this page if you like - and react to this.... anything just to get you going.
    Click on 'comments' below and get writing...
    No more than 50 words. You've got 2 minutes - GO!

  3. And just to keep you on the ball throughout the session...

    As we blog along together, I'd like you to think of your answers to these questions - I'll give you time at several intervals to comment on any of the following questions:

    During the session use these questions to help you write about your ideas on using blogs - hit 'comments' at the bottom of this message to write your thoughts or maybe you'd prefer to open a Word document in another window to write on during the session and copy and paste to the blog at the end.

    Here are the questions:
    1. What are the advantages or disadvantages of doing activities on a blog (most you
    could do in class, traditionally)?
    2. Would this appeal to your sts? Who? Why? Ages? Levels?
    3. Any immediate ideas on how you could do activities differently?
    4. What questions is blogging throwing up in your mind?
    5. What other uses can you see for blogs as we go along?
    6. How do you feel about making what you write on a blog public?


Anonymous said...

WE think a Blog is an online multi-media corkboard.
How to intergrate blogging into a language course.

Anonymous said...

A blog is an easy-to-do website.

We are expecting to find out how to create my own blog to use in the EFL classroom and a variety of ideas to use with Ss.

Anonymous said...

A blog is a big log that transports anybody's personal file of interest across the world to other interested boggers.
right mate?!