Thursday, March 10, 2005


Stage 1
1. Write up the word Easter on the w/b
2. Students work in groups. The aim is to take the letters in the word Easter and to make up as many English words as possible, e.g. eat, rate, see, etc.
3. The winner is the group with the most correct words.
Stage 2
1. Students now work from another group's list.
2. The aim now is to make up correct and logical sentences (or even a story for the higher levels) using the other group's words and so on...

Thank you for this idea from Paula de Nagy, IH


Anonymous said...

A pre-stage 1 idea is to allow the students to use the letters from EASTER to start words related to the subject. i.e. E = eat, A = april S= saviour, T = tastey, E = egg R = rabbit.
Ken B ~ Viseu

PaddyG said...

Hi Ken! Yes, or write a dialogue, each line starting with the letters of E-A-S-T-E-R! (for higher levels as is trickier than may seem at first!)