Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Class Blogs – Grade 4 M/W

Joao Rafael -
Bia –
Catarina –
Jonny -
Mr.B -
Diana -
Diogo –
Xico –
Carina –
Gonçalo –
Cindy -
Cindy -
SaraC -
SaraP -
SaraT -

Paddy -


Ale W said...

Paddy, congratulations on the activities you are doing with your kids, I might pick your brain and do something similar with my 6th grade in Argentina as from next week when we start classes. I haven't got much time now but I will be posting comments in your students' blogs tomorrow.
Alejandra Weser

PaddyG said...

Keep me posted with how you get on! Kids are really enjoying the blogging and has meant them revisiting the same text two or three times for editing (ie processing their writing) without a quibble. Not bad for young'uns, eh?! ;-)
Thanks for writing to them too - I look forward to hearing their reactions.