Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Agenda Viseu 2007

Hello everybody! Viseu is the most exciting place to spend your summer! There is so much going on... Grade V are going to tell you about the busy summer agenda...
Come and visit!!


Anonymous said...

Hello! We are João Monteiro, João Francisco and Andre Luis.

We post here some envents for you:

14 July Saturday (9:00 pm) - Floribella is singing in a festival in Sé

Floribella is a famous singer that sing songs for kids, she is an actress on TV (SIC).

Anonymous said...

We are Ana Francisca and André
In Portugal there is on Saturday and Sunday the Cofidis Cup of Beach Football.Some teams that are playing in that cup are: Benfica, Santal, Luanda, Celta De Vigo,etc.
In France in September Portugal playing for the first time in the Rugby World Cup.

Anonymous said...

This is good... but in Tondela this month the festival is starting on 6,7 and 8 and it name is "Olha a festa pá"... many musical bands are playing and a exemple is the "Expensive Soul".

In Portugal on 7th July 2007 have the seven wonders of the worl and of the Portugal.

Anonymous said...

we are João, Pedro and Vicente

In July SuperBockSuperRock is going to happen Lisbon.

After that people are choosing the seven best monuments of the world.

Ac.Viseu are participating on the National Championchip.