Monday, April 24, 2006

Grade VIa SPS

Welcome to the land of BLOGS!! This is our first of what I hope will be many online lessons. So I do hope you enjoy this one...
Keep this window open so you can find the link and read the instructions easily and whenever you want. Do this by clicking on the links with the righthand button of the mouse and click on 'open in new window'.

  1. First we are going to see an example of a blog by another 6a class in Viseu. Read all their problem letters and then answer two - please sign your name at the bottom and then post using 'anonymous'. Here is the link:
  2. When you have finished writing click on the link that says VIa Blogs and you can see the individual blogs the students have made to give you some ideas about how to make yours. Here is the direct link:
  3. Then, or at the same time, I am going to help you to become a member of this blog so you can write on it directly.
  4. Finally, if there is time in class, we'll all set up our own blogs - if there isn't time you can either do this at home or wait till our next online class!

Hope you have fun.


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