Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SPRINGDOO voice mails - IH Symposium

Choose one or two of these messages to listen to - they were sent in by other teachers for you today, using Springdoo voice mail:

Erika: http://ennz.springdoo.com//Public/Play/?id=FE1E4DFEF813220D
Isabel: http://ennz.springdoo.com/public/play/?id=FCFA0C5AFE64F690
Cristina - Lisboa: http://enus.springdoo.com/public/play/?id=FEF6677FFF1DCDD2
Maria Ciaffroni: http://enus.springdoo.com/public/play/?id=FEE5F1F5FBFBAFAF
Carla: http://ennz.springdoo.com//Public/Play/?id=FF81356AFB2231D3
Sasa: http://enus.springdoo.com/public/play/?id=F92337A8FDACCB90

Paddy's message from HI Symposium: Click on the link below (or copy the link and paste it into your Internet browser address), to listen to my message:http://enus.springdoo.com/public/play/?id=FB5D33F7FBC8988C

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